Bergmanas apie Stravinskį apie muziką

Savo autobiografinėje knygoje (“The Magic Lantern”) didysis Ingmaras Berbmanas rašo taip (p.35):

“For that matter, artists who are clever with words are a hazard. Suddenly their speculations happen to become fashionable and that can be disastrous. Igor Stravinsky loved expressing himself. he wrote a good deal on interpretation. As he bore a volcano within him, he urged restrain. Mediocrities read him and nodded in agreement, so people without even the slightest vestige of a volcano within them raised their batons and observed restrain, while Stravinsky himself, who never practiced what he preached, conducted his own Apollon Musagete as if it were Tchaikovsky. We who had heard him listened and were astonished.”

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